Why Choose TaxSlayer.com?

Why Choose TaxSlayer.com?

You may be asking yourself how can TaxSlayer.com be so much easier to use than other tax software? Unlike most of our competition we built ourselves on over 40 years of experience in the tax business. We have spent countless hours analyzing the wants and needs of customers just like you and know exactly what you are looking for. We follow a very simplistic format and walk you through your tax return step by step. We’re so confident that you’ll love our program you can prepare your return for FREE and never spend a dime until you decide to submit it to the IRS.

If you were to ask our customers “WHY TAXSLAYER.com?…” they would probably go on for hours about why they use our software year after year. Here is what they would probably all be saying…

You can’t beat TaxSlayer.com's value…

"Web-based tax services charge an arm and a leg for services. With TaxSlayer.com all you pay for your Federal is 17.95. We don’t tack on fees for forms, we don’t charge extra for support, and we don’t hide anything.

Our tax preparation software has been used to complete millions of returns over the past eleven years. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality program and online technical support.

Our TaxSlayer.com individual program is a fully featured tax preparation program that is designed for you, the individual taxpayer. This program provides all the forms, calculations and communication links to allow you to prepare and e-File your tax return electronically with the IRS.

TaxSlayer is so easy to use…

One of the features that makes our program so easy to use is the deduction finder. The deduction finder can save you tons of money just by asking you a few simple questions. Many taxpayers aren’t aware of the deductions that are available to them and with this tool you can be sure to take advantage of all of them.

New to TaxSlayer.com this year, the Life Events wizard will ask you a series of short questions to determine what forms you may need or credits you may qualify for based on the events of the last year. Did you get married? Did you sell your home? Did you have a child? These are all examples of the details we cover to ensure your best possible refund.

TaxSlayer.com is 100% web-based and accessible from any computer. You can even start preparing your taxes now, and come back later to e-file.

TaxSlayer.com Eliminates Errors...

TaxSlayer.com has a state of the art error checker that will check your return for errors and alert you of any problem areas or missing data before you file your return. By doing so, TaxSlayer.com ensures that your return will be processed without delay.

TaxSlayer.com includes audit assistance. If your return leads to an IRS audit we will assist you in resolving the matter as timely and as favorably as possible. Click here for information about about our Audit Slayer located within your return.

At TaxSlayer.com we pride ourselves on our top-of-the-line Tech Support. Find your answer via email, or in our unmatched knowledge base. We can promise you will find the solution to your problem in no time at all.

TaxSlayer.com Guarantees the Largest Refund Possible…

TaxSlayer.com guarantees that you will receive the maximum refund to which you're entitled or we'll refund you the applicable TaxSlayer.com purchase price paid.

With all of the helpful tools for taking advantage of countless deductions and credits we are confident that using TaxSlayer will result in receiving the largest possible refund. You can also keep track of your refund as you make changes via our refund calculator that updates your refund every time you return to the main page.

Our calculations are tested over and over again to ensure accuracy. We are 100% confident that when you prepare a return with TaxSlayer.com you are using the best and your refund will reflect that.

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*TaxSlayer Free Federal Edition is limited to the 1040EZ form. Users with additional tax forms will be upgraded to TaxSlayer Classic Edition.

*All major forms and schedules: Your return is completed by all of the major forms and schedules supported by TaxSlayer.com. To see the complete list of major forms and schedules supported by TaxSlayer.com visit *Supported Federal Forms page.
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Form 1040EZ is the simplest form to fill out.
You may use Form 1040EZ if you meet all the following conditions:

If you file Form 1040EZ, you cannot itemize deductions or claim any adjustments to income or tax credits (other than the earned income credit).