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Live in One State; Work in Another

As if your tax return wasn’t confusing enough, you have now gotten a job across the border from the state where you live. So now that you live in one state and work in another, to whom do you pay state taxes? Let’s look at the various possibilities for state tax filing, from the most tear-induci... [Read More...]

10 Popular Frivolous Tax Arguments

Some would-be taxpayers will do almost anything to avoid paying up to Uncle Sam – including using some pretty strange arguments to try to prove they are not legally obligated to do so. While these may be entertaining, actually trying to use them can land you in a whole heap of trouble. It may ev... [Read More...]

Five Facts About Filing Status

Don’t take filing status for granted. It could be an important factor in getting that maximum refund. If you are new to tax preparation and filing status is confusing you- here are a few tidbits to get you started. 1. Even if they are not working, have never worked and have no intention of worki... [Read More...]

Audit Alert: Don’t Lead the IRS to Your Door

Kids are afraid of the monster under the bed; adults are afraid of IRS audits. Although the IRS is going to do a certain number of them a year, and there is no fool-proof way to guarantee you will never be a target, there are some simple ways to be careful during tax preparation and make yourself a ... [Read More...]
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