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Android or Apple, which smartphone is right for you?

When it’s time to upgrade your smartphone you have many choices. There are many different models, colors, and brands. In addition, there are many different data plans required for specific phones. But ultimately there is one question that will be crucial in your decision:

Which is better Android or Apple’s iPhone?

To compare each phone is similar to comparing apples and oranges. Each phone has its strong points and weaknesses. Let’s start with the Android phones. There are plenty of different models out there that carry the Android OS. In addition, the Android OS is highly customizable and allows you to change every aspect of the user interface and even has animated backgrounds. As far as Apps go, the Android market has over 200k and continues to grow. And finally, the major winner for the Android phone is the screen size. Some of the newer models have screen sizes as big as 4.5”.

Now let’s look at the iPhone. The iPhone is the only phone that works with Apples iOS platform. But that is not a bad thing considering Apple has invested much time and research in making iOS a superior way to make calls and surf the internet. In addition, the major three phone companies: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all carry the iPhone. The iPhone itself is a piece of art made out of stainless steel and a special type of glass that is 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. When it comes to Apps, Apples App store is the clear winner with over 500k and growing. The only caveat to the iPhone is there is no choice in display size which is still at 3.5”.

In closing, you can’t go wrong with either the Android or iPhone. Each of these phone platforms are revolutionary in the technology they bring to smartphone users. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and each of these phones delivers in terms of Apps and call quality.

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Your missing 3 items of comparison.

Battery life

First, battery life is vital to all phones.  Smart phone drain the battery in hours not days.  The larger screen on the smart phone also translate to short battery life per charge.  Win for apple.  Flip side Note: iphone does not have removable battery and must be taken to apple store for battery replacement. Win for android.

Flexibility in apps and add ons the main reason that people by these phones.  Android phones may have fewer apps but android apps have more control over the phone.  Apple has more control over the iphone.  Power management is built into the apple phone.  Android must add the power management third party.  Upgrades on apple phones come directly from apple.  Phone providers control the upgrade path and in some cases stop needed upgrades.  I'd lean apple  Flip side the android phone does carry micro sd slot on most there phone but that is mostly due to a lack on memory install on the android phone.

Support. What good is a phone without support.  No contest Apple wins.  Cell providers have limit support and Google has self services support only.    

United States Bryan Carrington

I have an Android powered Samsung Intercept. I love the features, and that was why I swapped to it from a BlackBerry.

Downside... It has a lot of bugs, and as somebody who relies on push email, the constantly failing data connection makes it pretty hard to live with. I had to turn off wi-fi, because it can't reliably make the transition back to 3G when wi-fi is lost, and I'm stuck with no data until I reboot or cycle airplane mode on and off.

Even worse... Lately I have had to install a string of mandatory Android and GMail updates. With each one, my phone runs slower and uses battery faster. And no, I'm not an app hog.

Now that iPhone has Exchange support, I think I'm ready to give it a try. The Android/Samsung phone has been so infuriating at time I've been tempted to revert back to my old Nokia dumb-phone.

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