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Avoid tax deadline mistakes that delay your tax return

With the tax deadline looming, it is essential to make sure that you prevent any errors on your tax return that could delay the filing and processing of your returns. The IRS recently released a list of their most commonly seen errors. Take a close look and make sure that you pay close attention and take advantage of all of the error checks on

The most common errors are:

  • Incorrect or missing Social Security numbers
  • Always make sure that when you enter a SSN (for yourself or a dependent) that you enter it exactly as it is shown on the Social Security card. Failure to do so can cause the IRS to reject your return resulting in a delay.
  • Incorrect spelling of the dependent’s last name
  • When you enter a name for yourself or a dependent make sure that this also matches the information exactly as it is shown on the Social Security card. This information must match in order for the return to be accepted.
  • Filing status mistakes
  • The IRS lists five possible filing statuses for your return. These possibilities are: Single, Married Filing Joint, Married Filing Separate, Head of Household, and Qualifying Widow(er) with dependent Child. Failure to select the applicable status for your unique filing status can cause undue delays. Make sure to review IRS publication 501 if you have questions. You can also consult support.
  • Math errors
  • Many people face the possibility of errors when filing a paper return. The great thing about is we handle all of the calculations for you so there is no need to worry.
  • Computation errors
  • Much like math errors, many people flub the calculations for important designators such as AGI and EIC. Once again, you are in luck, handles all of these calculations for you and they are guaranteed to be correct.
  • Misstated direct deposit information
  • Make sure that you double check your direct deposit information on the bottom of a check or with your financial institution. Errors in this regard can cause delays in refund processing and can even cause your refund to go into someone else’s account.
  • Forgetting to sign and date the return
  • Once again, by electronic filing with you avoid the possibility of this error. By e-signing your return you ensure no delays because of failure to sign and date your return.
  • Incorrect adjusted gross income
  • In order to e-sign your return you must provide the AGI from your prior year return. For returning customers, we pull this information automatically but new customers need to make sure that they verify the AGI from the ORIGINAL return filed with the IRS the previous year.

Paying close attention to these errors as well as using can ensure that you get your return accepted the FIRST time and ON time.
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