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What the Heck Is Schedule M Reject Code 1132?

Those of you considering calling TaxSlayer tax support over reject code 1132, or most anything mentioning Schedule M, should consider yourself very lucky in terms of reject codes. This is very easy to fix. You will be through with your online tax preparation and back to anticipating your income tax refund in no time.

First let’s take a look at what the reject code means and then we’ll explain why it happens when some taxpayers e-file a tax return, and what we can do about it when it does.

First of all, it simply means that you’ve reported on your Schedule M that you received an economic recovery payment in 2010 when you did not. Basically, what is on your Schedule M does not match what the IRS has on record for you.

Luckily, the IRS has set up a nifty little place on its website to tell whether you got that economic recovery payment. Go here: and answer three easy questions and it will tell you if you received it.

I’m not joking. Everyone we’ve run into with this reject code has received it because they thought they had when they hadn’t, and not the other way around.

Fix it by going into your TaxSlayer account and clicking on the Forms tab on the right side of the screen, then scrolling down and clicking on Schedule M. When you click Submit, it will take you where you need to be. Some people like to hit that page with a double-whammy – delete the amounts in the blanks and then delete the page as well. This doesn’t delete the Schedule M, just the amounts and you will see your refund increase!

Then you’re clear to e-file your tax return again. No more 1132. Now you can forget about tax support and online tax preparation and go back to dreaming about what you’re going to do with your income tax refund.
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