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Category: General Questions

Adding TaxSlayer as a Safe Sender- Gmail accounts


It appears that some of our e-mails sent to customers with a Gmail account have been going into the spam folder.

Please take a moment to let Gmail know that you wish to receive e-mails from TaxSlayer. You can do this by completing these two steps:

  1. Adding TaxSlayer to your Contact List.
    1. Log into your Gmail account
    2. Select the drop down list on the left side of the page labeled "Gmail" and click “Contacts”
    3. Click the “New Contact” button
    4. Add and to your contact list


  1. Removing TaxSlayer e-mails from your Spam folder
    1. Log into your Gmail account
    2. Click on the Spam folder
    3. Look for e-mail messages from TaxSlayer (info@updates.TaxSlayercom)
    4. Click on the e-mail and select the “x” next to the Spam button.