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Category: My Account Page

My Account Page Information

The "Welcome To My Account" page is the first screen you come to when you log on to your TaxSlayer account. From this page you can:

  1. Check your email correspondence with us by clicking on the "Mailbox" icon located just above the green "Continue" button.
  2. Log out of the account by clicking on the "Save & Log Out" link located in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Email your friends and share the great news about TaxSlayer by clicking on the "Refer a Friend to TaxSlayer" link located on the bottom half of the page.
  4. Edit your account information by clicking on the "Update your password, mailing address, email address or security question" link on the bottom half of the page. This is where you will be able to edit your current mailing address, email address, password and/or security question. (You cannot edit your Username once it is created.)
  5. Access your Prior Year Return or Start a New Return for the prior tax year (you can also access accepted prior year returns within three years of the current tax year) by clicking on the Prior Years tab.
  6. View new features added yearly, including items like our Audit Slayer, Prior Year Comparison, and Help Videos.
  7. Sign up for our Text Messaging feature. TaxSlayer will text the status of your return right to your phone once the acknowledgement is received.
  8. View your Account Charges and Payments
  9. Deactivate your account by clicking on the "Clear your return and restart your return" link located on the bottom half of the page. (This can only be done if you have not made a payment and/or filed a return.)
  10. Check the Status of your Return(s) - The "Return Status" tab will track your return(s) (both federal and state, if applicable) once they have been created, e-filed, accepted or rejected (and why they were rejected).
  11. Tracking your Federal Refund status - If your Federal return is accepted and you are receiving a refund, TaxSlayer provides a direct link to the IRS "Wheres My Refund" tracker so you can monitor your Federal refund status.
  12. Print accepted return(s) - Once the "Return Status" shows your Federal and/or state return(s) as "Created > Efiled > Accepted", a printer icon will be available for easy access of printing your accepted return(s) to keep for your records.
  13. TaxSlayer Knowledge Base - You will have direct access to the TaxSlayer Knowledge Base by typing a question, phrase, or keyword within the search bar located on the right side of the page.