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What are Estimated Taxes?
I received alimony payments. When do I have to claim this on my return?
Apply Overpayment to Next Year's Taxes
What can I include as Prior Year or 4th Quarter Estimates?
Form 2210- Underpayment of Estimated Taxes
How can a divorce affect my income tax situation?
Vermont Payments
How and when is the First Time Homebuyer Credit repaid?
New York Nonobligated Spouse Allocations - Form IT-280
Installment Agreement (Form 9465)
What is a "capital asset"?
Who Must File an Illinois Return?
Vouchers for Next Year's Taxes
Underpayment of Estimated Tax
What If I Owe Money to the IRS?
Minnesota Military Filing Information
West Virginia Military Filing Information
If you owed on your return this year, consider making Estimated Payments to the IRS in the upcoming tax year.
Who must pay estimated taxes?
Description of Additional Taxes that You May Have Paid
New Mexico Other Withholdings
Tips for Taxpayers If Your Address Has Changed
Indiana Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States
Examples of 1099-B and 1099-MISC forms
Completing Form 4868 - Application for Automatic Extension