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Category: State Tax Questions

I forgot to efile my state return with my federal return. What can I do?

From the Welcome To My Account page of your TaxSlayer account, select State Section located on the navigation bar. Add your state in that section and then select E-file also located on the navigation bar. Make sure the box is checked next to your state name. (If you have more than one state to file, make sure the appropriate boxes are marked for each state you want to send.) Proceed through the e-file process to successfully submit your state return(s). Typically, states respond with acknowledgements within 2-5 days regarding the status of your state(s) return.

If you did not e-file your federal return with TaxSlayer, you must e-file your state return as a "state only" submission. If your Federal return was previously accepted using a different vendor and you choose to also send your federal return with TaxSlayer, your federal return will be rejected by the IRS as a "Duplicate Submission". Please see the following help center article for more assistance in filing a "state only" return.

How do I file a state return without a federal return?