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Category: Prior Year Returns

How do I print a prior year return?

To print a prior year return, log in to your account and from the "Welcome to My Account" screen click the tab for prior year returns. A list of all prior year created returns within the last three years of the current year will be shown on your screen.

Select the corresponding tax year and choose either access return or view details. Once you select the return you will be given the option to view or print the return. Choosing this option will bring you to a screen that has a printer icon pictured next to the available returns. Simply click on the printer icon to view the PDF of your return. You will have the option to view, print or save your documents.

In order to offer storage and availability of prior year federal and state returns for our web program, users may incur a one-time annual $4.95 fee to access prior year returns. However the fee will be credited toward your current year filing fees at the time you make payment in your account * if the same username and account are used. If you have already created and paid the return fees for your current year return, accessing prior year e-filed returns will be at no charge * if the same username and account are used.

For additional information on why we have a prior year access fee click here .

(Please Note : returns prior to 2010 are not available through our system. If your return was never electronically accepted, we will not be able to provide a copy of the PDF format.)

You can order a free transcript of your federal return from the IRS. Order an IRS Transcript Copies of prior year federal returns can be obtained through the IRS - however there is a fee and it may take longer to receive by mail.

Contact the IRS @ 1-800-829-1040 for taxpayer assistance as needed.