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Category: Most Common IRS Federal Reject Codes

Federal Reject Code R0000-504-01

If you have received the IRS Correction Code R0000-504-01 the IRS is saying that the Dependent’s name and SSN, or Social Security Number, listed on your return does not match what they have on file. This IRS code is easy to fix.

***For Video Assistance in making corrections to code R0000-504-01 click here***

Since the IRS does not indicate which of the dependents listed on your return is entered incorrectly you should check the information for each listing if you have included more than one dependent on your return.

To fix this code simply log back in to your TaxSlayer account by signing in from our homepage, and then clicking the “Basic Information” tab on the navigation bar near the top of the screen.

Click the EDIT button next to the Dependents/Qualifying Person link, and you will be able to view all of your entries. Verify that each person’s name and Social Security Number is listed exactly as it is with the Social Security Administration, as they are the agency that provides this information to the IRS. To make your correction just click the EDIT button next to the name of the dependent you need to change, and correct the spelling of the name or the SSN entry.

Now just go back through the e-file steps by clicking the E-file tab on the navigation bar to submit the correction, and the IRS will process the return for you. There is no additional charge for resubmitting your return. TaxSlayer will send you a confirmation email as soon as the IRS processing is complete.

If you find that the information you had originally entered was in fact correct and there is no change to be made you should contact the Social Security Administration directly to verify and update what they have on file. The Social Security Administration updates the IRS records every ten days. Once their information is updated you will be able to file your return again by following the steps previously shown.