5 Myths About Filing Taxes Online

tax facts and myths

The information in this article is current through tax year 2019 (returns filed in 2020)

When you file your tax return, you should feel confident that your information is safe and that you’re getting your maximum refund. Paper filing simply can’t compare to the ease and security of filing online – and most Americans agree. In fact, the IRS estimates that more than 1 billion Form 1040 series tax returns have been e-filed since 1990. Still, some people hesitate to do their taxes online. Here are some of the myths surrounding online tax filing – and what is actually true. 

Myth 1: I need to know a lot about taxes

Fact: There is a lot of information out there about taxes, but you certainly don’t have to know everything. Some basic tax terms and a good checklist will go a long way to get you prepared to file. TaxSlayer makes filing even simpler, because all the forms, deductions, and tax law changes are already updated in the software when you go to fill out your return. 

Myth 2: I’ll be more likely to be audited

Fact: The IRS processes returns that are submitted through e-filing software faster and with fewer errors than hard copy returns. This means the chances you’ll be audited due to a mistake is actually lowerAnother bonus to e-filing is you’ll get your refund faster when you e-file. 

Myth 3: It’s complicated

Fact: If you had to keep your documents safe, track your own deductions, keep up with tax law changes, do your own calculations, and verify that your dollar amounts were all correct, filing would be complicated. But when you complete your return online, most of this work is done for you. TaxSlayer offers a fully guided experience. Begin by simply importing your W-2 and uploading your necessary documents right into your online account. When it comes to finding all of your deductions, the program asks you straightforward questions about your income, employment, family status, and more, so you’ll get all the tax breakyou deserve. When you return to file with TaxSlayer, you’ll find your previous tax information saved in your account history year after year.

Myth 4: It’s expensive to file online

Fact: You can always begin filing your tax return for free. You don’t actually pay anything until you submit your return. TaxSlayer’s products vary in price depending on the amount of support you want. The price of the actual tax forms you complete is consistent for all the packages. You can add options like talking with a tax professional, live chat, audit assistance, and comparing your current and prior year returns for an additional cost if you choose. Compare our products now to see which best fits your tax filing situation. 

Myth 5: It’s less secure than filing on paper

Fact: Once you hit submit, your return goes right to the IRS for processing. Mailing a return means your confidential and personal information sits in a post office box and passes through many hands with no guarantee that it has ever arrived. The IRS actually prefers e-filing over paper filing. Electronic records are easier and less time-consuming to process on their end.

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