5 Spring Break options that won’t break the bank

Spring break is here or just around the corner for many colleges across the nation. Thousands of college students will jet set to a warm destination or load into a car with friends to a sunny beach. Many others will stay on campus or head home to visit parents.

Just because you aren’t setting sail, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of your days off. Here are 5 ways to enjoy spring break:

1. Tap into the undiscovered. Whether in your hometown or college town, explore restaurants, museums, state parks, hiking trails, local coffee shops and more that you don’t ordinarily have time to enjoy.

2. Give back. Use your days off from class for volunteer work – you’ll be surprised how much fun you can have helping others. Call the local Boys and Girls Club, homeless shelter or community garden association to see where you can lend a hand.

3. Earn some pocket cash. If you aren’t taking an expensive spring break trip, you are already doing your wallet and possibly your future a big favor. Ask neighbors or small business owners if they need an extra hand. Or, use the time to start your own Etsy shop that you have been putting off for months.

4. Take a one-tank trip. Search for a destination within 100 miles where you can explore for the day. Also, check out Airbnb.com for inexpensive lodging if you choose to stay overnight.

5. Recharge. College students know first-hand that sleep isn’t a top priority during the semester. Sleep in. Catch up on Netflix – the newest season of House of Cards is out! Get some sun if you are in warm weather. Warning…your mom might nag you.

It’s your spring break. Do more of what makes you happy.

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