5 TaxSlayer tips for saving money outdoors

The crisp, fall weather has many people excited to get outside in the fresh air. Autumn is also a peak time for many communities to host outdoor festivals, concerts, county fairs and farmers markets.

TaxSlayer wants you and your family to get outside and enjoy the changing leaves and cooler temperatures. You can often find free outdoor events, but others will cost you for food, tickets and other purchases.

Here are some tips for taking your savings outside during the fall and throughout the year.

  1. Local newspapers and community calendars often list free outdoor events. Skip out on the movies or bowling, and join the fun happening right where you live.
  2. Set a spending limit when you take your family to an outdoor festival or fair. Take cash and only spend what you take.
  3. Eat a meal at home before you go to outdoor events or pack a picnic, if they are allowed. Instead of spending a lot on lunch or dinner, buy a snack or dessert from vendors.
  4. Negotiate prices with vendors at farmers markets, flea markets and crafts festivals. Most are willing to offer deals, especially if you purchase a larger quantity. Think about canning vegetables or buying a second gift as a Christmas present.
  5. Look for discounts and coupons for amusement parks, botanical gardens, zoos and other outdoor attractions. The park might offer a weekday that’s less expensive, have a free monthly event for families or offer ticket discounts if you purchase online.

As always, enjoy the outdoors! It’s a great time of year to explore or try something new with your family and friends. Remember, the holidays are right around the corner so keep your spending in check.

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