7 temporary cost cutters to pay holiday bills

This article was last edited on Jan. 11, 2016. For updated information on energy efficiency, visit this post.

While you were wrapped up in presents, lights and other holiday fun, you might not have noticed the financial hits to your wallet. Now, the January bills are rolling in and you need a plan to pay off credit cards.

Don’t get the post-holiday blues. We have easy TaxSlayer temporary cost cutters that will help you pay off holiday debt. Plus, a tax refund might be right around the corner giving a little extra financial cushion. Estimate your tax refund today, and follow these simple savings tips until it arrives.

  1. Cut or limit your visits to restaurants. Make your lunches at home and plan to stay in for dinner.
  2. Ditch the movies or other entertainment costs. Invite friends for board games or rent a movie instead.
  3. Place a moratorium on clothes shopping. Resist hitting the stores until the holiday bills are gone.
  4. Downgrade your cable package or cell phone plan. You could also cancel movie streaming services for a few months.
  5. Save on heating costs. For every degree you lower the thermostat, you can save about 3 percent on your energy bill. Layer on a sweatshirt or add an extra blanket to your bed.
  6. Consider using public transportation a few days a week. Ride the bus instead of filling your gas tank.
  7. Hold off on luxuries. Manicures, massages, hair treatments and other little luxuries can wait until you’ve managed your debt.

First, take a deep breath. January bills don’t have to ruin the good holiday memories. It’s a New Year and you might pick up a new habit that you like enough to continue for the remainder of 2016!

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