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Tax Prep Checklist: Everything You Need to File Your Taxes

If you’d rather do something – anything – other than filing your taxes, remember that the sooner you file, the sooner you’ll get your refund. To make the e-filing process quicker, gather your forms and documents before you begin. Below is a checklist of the basic forms and records you’ll need to make slaying your taxes a […]

Tax Season Checklist

This article was last edited on September 19, 2018. For updated information on tax checklists, read more here. Have these documents in hand before you e-file:  Social Security number for everyone listed on your tax return  W-2 forms from employers  1099 forms for contract work completed   Income from investments (i.e., from interest, dividends, stocks/bonds, and foreign investments)  Prior year income from local/state tax […]

Tax Tips

Your Tax Filing Checklist

Before you begin to prepare your tax return, go through the following checklist. Make sure to highlight the areas that apply to you, and have that information available. By having all your information handy and checking off the other items on the checklist, your filing process will go that much faster. Getting you closer tothat refund! Please note that this is not a complete list, but contains common forms and information needed.

Tax FAQs for College Students

If you’ve never filed a tax return on your own before, you may be wondering what’s expected of you now that you’re a high school graduate. This article will help you understand more about what you need to do to receive a tax refund.  Do college students have to file taxes?  You don’t have to file taxes just because you are in college or because you turn […]

Making the Switch to Online Tax Filing

Online tax filing, also known as e-filing, allows taxpayers to submit tax returns electronically. E-filing prevents you from having to meet with a tax preparer, fill out a paper return, mail in your return, etc. Instead, you can prepare your own return anytime, anywhere and file with the click of a button.  If you’re ready to take control of your taxes and e-file your return, we’ve covered the basics to get you started.  How […]

The Best Way to Organize Receipts and Records for Tax Time

The information in this article is up to date through tax year 2019 (taxes filed in 2020). Depending on your situation, you could have hundreds of documents and receipts to report for tax purposes. The IRS says you can use any record keeping system you choose, as long as your income and expenses are clear, accurate, and include all necessary details.  […]