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Tax Season Checklist

This article was last edited on September 19, 2018. For updated information on tax checklists, read more here. Have these documents in hand before you e-file:  Social Security number for everyone listed on your tax return  W-2 forms from employers  1099 forms for contract work completed   Income from investments (i.e., from interest, dividends, stocks/bonds, and foreign investments)  Prior year income from local/state tax […]

Tax Tips

Your Tax Filing Checklist

Before you begin to prepare your tax return, go through the following checklist. Make sure to highlight the areas that apply to you, and have that information available. By having all your information handy and checking off the other items on the checklist, your filing process will go that much faster. Getting you closer tothat refund! Please note that this is not a complete list, but contains common forms and information needed.

How to Get Your Maximum Tax Refund

We have put together a top 10 tax checklist list to help you prepare for your most seamless online tax filing experience yet.   Here’s what you can do to get your maximum refund:   Have a copy of last year’s tax return on hand. TaxSlayer makes it easy to upload a prior year return, which imports the data for you so you won’t have to re–enter information that hasn’t changed. TaxSlayer is highest rated […]