Benefits of Virtual Tax Preparation

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The information in this article is up to date through tax year 2019 (taxes filed in 2020). 

More and more consumers include convenience as a factor when determining which solution they choose for filing their taxes. Each year, more and more taxpayers leverage online solutions like TaxSlayer to file their taxes, primarily because they don’t have to lug all of their documents to a CPA’s office, yet they can still receive expert help when necessary.

Filing online used to mean that a system guided you through your tax return but didn’t support the ability to ask questions along the way. Online tax preparation has evolved to allow you to file by yourself online with the help of new technologies and speak with live tax experts along the way. Read this article to learn all the benefits of being a virtual tax preparer!

Convenience when e-filing a tax return

Online tax filing allows taxpayers to submit the necessary forms to the IRS from the comfort of their own home. This eliminates scheduling appointments with CPAs and collecting binders of papers. Also, you can complete the forms when your schedule allows.

Maximum refund guaranteed

The guided programs in tax prep software are also designed to identify opportunities, like deductions and credits, to get you the most money. This routinely gives taxpayers confidence that they’re taking advantage of as many deductions as possible and also maximizing their return potential.

Receive tax tips and help from the TaxSlayer experts

TaxSlayer has a team of certified tax professionals available who can answer any questions that arise while filing. Rather than waiting on openings in your CPA’s calendar, the chat, email and phone support methods make it possible to speak directly with tax experts when you need them.

Guaranteed accuracy

One guarantee is that if you make any mistakes, TaxSlayer will fix them and pay any associated penalty fees. This provides added confidence to the growing number of taxpayers that leverage this method of filing. You won’t have any unexpected costs as a result of an error made by the software.

Process tax refunds more quickly

When taxes are filed online, the information is sent to the IRS almost immediately. This means the IRS can process and approve your taxes faster so your refund will come in quicker if you are eligible to receive one. By removing steps that go into traditionally filing taxes, such as preparing envelopes and waiting on the mail, virtual tax preparation passes the information between parties digitally and saves everyone time. Also, features like direct deposit allow the funds to be wired to your bank account instead of having to stand in line at the bank to deposit waiting to deposit a check at the bank.

Electronic records of tax history

Virtual tax preparation also gives you an electronic record of your taxes, as opposed to a paper one. These records can be printed out for record keeping but can also be stored digitally, providing an easy way to not only file taxes but also maintain your tax history in a format that’s easy to store and access online.

With TaxSlayer’s experts make it easy to file taxes online! Get started today.

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