Beware Of These Common Tax Scams

Every year the IRS releases its most common “tax scams.” These 12 scams, referred to by the IRS as the “Dirty Dozen,” are the most common pitfalls for tax payers and are prevalent year round. With that being said, taxpayers are most likely to encounter them around tax time, which is, NOW. I will provide a brief description of a few of these scams but you can find the detailed list here.

Identity Theft – Becoming more and more common identity theft are some of the most common and complex issues faced by the IRS. The IRS will notify a taxpayer if multiple returns have been filed using their information. The IRS also maintains a robust screening process to weed out fraudulent returns. However, if you believe you are a victim of identity theft contact the IRS immediately.

Phishing – Phishing can begin from a fraudulent email or letter encouraging you to provide your personal information. Please note that the IRS will never send a letter or email requesting such information. If you receive an email or letters like this contact the IRS immediately.

Return Preparer Fraud – First and foremost you can avoid this by preparing your own return on!! Some preparers take advantage of their customers by filing inflated returns or even skimming off the top of their refunds.

These are just the three most common scams. Make sure that you read over the entire list to help prevent yourself from falling victim to one of them. has safeguards built in to help make sure you are protected.

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