Black Friday Like a Pro

Black Friday can be chaotic — hundreds of people waiting in line for a limited quantity of goods. Undoubtedly, reminiscent of the ‘Hunger Games’. Do not be discouraged, we have 4 tips to help you get exactly what you want during the Black Friday sales.

1.   Get the Rules of the Game

Most stores have specific procedures for Black Friday sales. In the past stores like Target have given out tickets for highly demanded items. If you have a ticket, you will get the product associated with that ticket. Tickets are given out until the inventory is no longer available. The key to “winning” a ticket is to arrive at the doors early.

Other stores such as Walmart operate on a first come first served basis. However, they create distinct lines for distinct items. Signs are posted throughout the store and indicate where the line for a particular item begins. The key to getting your prize is to bring friends and family. A group effort may make it easier to score multiple items in this situation.

Check with your favorite store to determine the rules so that you can craft the best shopping strategy.

2.   Be Prepared

Black Friday circulars are available on the websites of various stores. These advertisements detail all the items on deep discount for Black Friday. Be sure to read each circular carefully to make sure the item advertised is exactly the item you want. Furthermore, download any apps and print any coupons indicated in the ads. It may be helpful to sign up for e-mail alerts in case of any last minute changes to the sales. Pay close attention to the start and end times of the sales. Typically Black Friday sales are active for a specific window of time such as 5:00am to 1:00pm.

3.   Create a Budget

At this step, you know the rules and you know the sales. Create your budget based upon the aforementioned information. Retailers want to up sale you by placing pricey complimentary items near the items on sale. Stick to your list and your budget. Remember you’re shopping during Black Friday to save money. Purchasing frivolous items that you did not account for initially will not help you save. Just say “no.”

4.   Check for Price-Match and Inventory Guarantees

You have a budget; you know the rules; you know the sales, but you need a backup plan. It is not uncommon for inventory to run out. However, some stores will price-match Black Friday sales. If you missed the item at your favorite store, you could go to a competitor who still has the item and they will match the price of that item. Additionally some stores will guarantee inventory and allow you to purchase an item during Black Friday for the advertised price even if it isn’t physically available store. The item will either be mailed to you or shipped to the store.

Remember Black Friday is supposed to be fun. Enjoy yourself and get the items you love for the people you love.


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