Calculate Your Refund On The Go


Want to calculate your refund estimate on the go? Look no further. has released the iPhone and Android compatible apps for the 2013 Refund Calculator. Answer a few simple questions on your mobile phone and your estimate will be ready in no time!

It’s simple, quick, and easy if you use these 3 simple steps:
• Fill out your filing status
• Use a pay stub
• Get the results

When entering your pay stub, make sure to clarify whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. When tax season comes around, use to get your maximum refund. Taxes are often a drag but it’s not all bad… a large refund can be a great start to the new year. It is never too early to start preparing so get started today!

Package Size: 0.091 MBInstall Size: 0.17 MB. The app is available on the Droid and Apple markets, and is completely free!

Angry birds, Scrabble, Banking. All of these kinds of phone apps have taken off in popularity. Why not taxes? It may seem a little dry at first, but how many of those other apps guarantee money in your pocket?

Before filing next year, it is crucial that you get your W-2 before finalizing tax preparation. Using a pay stub alone can give you a great estimate, but there are countless cases where people get trigger happy at the beginning of the year by just using their pay stub. This can lead to the dreaded amended return that can delay your refund by weeks. is with you the whole way for tax help. Take a look at our phone app now to get a feel for your refund but when it comes time, use our simple web e-file of taxes by going to .


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