Charitable causes that need your year-end donation

As the year comes to a close, many people are searching for a charity to make a donation to during the holiday season. Year-end charitable donations are a great way to reduce your IRS tax liability and possibly increase your refund amount in the New Year.

There are so many causes and groups that need help meeting needs across the world. We encourage you to give to a cause that you care about. To get you started, here are some recent social causes that need help now. We’ll suggest the cause in hopes that you can find the right tax-exempt charity for your contribution.

Texas and South Carolina have been hit by torrential rainfall and significant flooding in recent weeks. Neighborhoods were underwater, and many residents lost their homes or need to repair extensive water damage. Recovery efforts will be ongoing in the weeks and months ahead.

A massive earthquake hit Nepal in April claiming thousands of lives. Villages were reduced to rubble and many were left with nothing. People still need help with supplies and shelter, especially as cold temperatures arrive in the mountains.

The California wildfires have destroyed drought-stricken land and homes leaving thousands of people without shelter and possessions. Your donation can help California rebuild.

Remember your contribution must be made to a qualified organization with a tax-exempt status. Most charitable trusts, funds and foundations, war veterans’ groups, churches and other religious organizations and nonprofit educational entities qualify. The IRS has an easy tool to search for tax exempt organizations. You can find it here.

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