Choosing a Charity for Your Breast Cancer Treatment and Research Donation

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are many organizations soliciting your donations to aid them in their fight against breast cancer. It is best to choose an organization in which your donation will do the most work or assist in treatment or research. It can be a daunting task to discover which organization will most effectively use your donation; however, Charity Navigator has made this task much simpler.

Charity Navigator uses financial records as well as other public information to give a non-profit organization a star rating. At most, an organization can receive a 4-star rating. Organizations with a 4-star rating are considered good candidates for your donations. To learn more about Charity Navigator’s ranking process and detailed information about each ranking click here.

Some 4-Star Breast Cancer Charities Include:

1.     Dana-Farber Institute

2.     Breast Cancer Research Foundation

3.     The Rose

4.     Breast Cancer Connections

5.     National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

This list is not exhaustive for a full list of breast cancer charity ratings via charity navigator click here.


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