Current Year PIN, Prior Year PIN and AGI…Oh My

This article was last edited on Feb 16, 2016. For updated information on Adjusted Gross Income, visit What is Adjusted Gross Income?

A common reason customers seek tax help from TaxSlayer is confusion over using their PIN, an identification number that acts as your online signature when you e-file your state and federal taxes. The PIN is used on the signature page of the income tax return during the e-filing process. The page has two parts, with slightly different rules.

The first has to do with your Current Year PIN, a five-digit number you make up during the final stages of tax prep.

The second part of the TaxSlayer signature page has to do with your Prior Year information, which is your information from last year. You will need last year’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your federal taxes OR last year’s PIN number.

If you have last year’s AGI, you can go ahead and use it. We recommend actually having a copy of your prior year tax return handy so that you can pull the numbers you need for this year’s return during tax prep.

Here is where you find your AGI from last year:
Form 1040 EZ – line 4.
Form 1040 – line 37.
Form 1040 A – line 21.

Your Prior Year PIN is the PIN you used while filing last year’s income tax return. If you don’t remember it, you will need to go to the IRS website and request an Alternate PIN, which takes about a minute. Put the Alternate PIN in the spot that says Prior Year PIN. Do not forget to check the box underneath that says you are using an Alternate PIN.

Make sure the numbers are correct and in the right places and you should get through using your PIN without needing tax help when you e-file.

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