Host with the Most: Five Ways to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Meal

Preparing a meal for your closest friends and family can get expensive quickly, but don’t fret. We have some helpful tips to save you money while still providing everyone you love with an excellent meal.

1.   Plan Your Menu Seasonally

Incorporating vegetables and fruits that are in season into your menu will definitely save you money. Scarcity of out of season vegetables and fruits cause prices for those vegetables or fruits to be higher. If you are not sure what is in season click here. Taking the time to plan your menu will help you develop a solid grocery list.

2.   Make a List and Stick to It

Making a list will enable you to get exactly what you need and avoid last minute purchases. Furthermore, once you have a list you can check your fridge and cupboards for items you already have. People tend to buy duplicates because they didn’t make a list and check it twice.   

3.   Let Price Matching be Your Friend.

Typically, we want to go to our favorite grocery store to get everything we need. However, sometime the items you need may be on sale at a different store. Do not waste gas driving from store to store simply check your home store’s price match policy. Most stores require a simple print out of the advertisement with the lower price and they will match it. You can get the comfort of going to your favorite store, but benefit from a competitor’s lower price.

4.   Buy Generic

In some cases, what you need will not be on sale. However, generic brand items are significantly cheaper and provide the same great taste. Purchasing a generic brand turkey will help you save. A generic turkey may cost $2.99 or less per pound while a major-brand turkey could be $4.99 or more per pound. Prices may vary in your area and store of choice.

5.   Host a BYOS Meal

Ask your guests to bring their own side dish. This will help you save on ingredients while ensuring that everyone has a dish they love on the table. Your guests will appreciate the variety in dishes. Potluck style thanksgivings are becoming increasingly popular so don’t be afraid to ask.



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