How the TaxSlayer Priority Support Team Sets You Up for Success

A member of TaxSlayer priority support team helps a tax filer

Taxes can be tricky. It’s great to have a team of people available to help you out when you need them. File with TaxSlayer Premium if you: 

  • Prefer to get assistance by live chat 
  • Need or wish to speak with a tax professional about specific items 
  • Want to skip the line with priority phone and email support 

Who can I ask my questions about taxes? 

You can call or email TaxSlayer’s customer support line anytime with your tax questions. If you’re filing with TaxSlayer Premium, your question goes to the front of the line, so you will experience little to no wait at all. You can also connect with a support agent through live chat. This is especially convenient if you can’t make a phone call or you prefer real-time answers.  

As a Premium customer you have access to our Ask a Tax Pro service as well. That means you can receive one-on-one help from a tax professional. Ask a Tax Pro is a feature that many people find useful, because some questions require real expertise, and it helps to have a pro walking you through your return. 

What is the best online tax filing?  

TaxSlayer is always striving to be the best online tax filing service. A good provider should be: 

  • Easy to use 
  • Accurate 
  • Affordable 

Filing your taxes online might seem challenging. But TaxSlayer is designed so anyone can understand the software and get through their return easily. If you do need technical support, our team is always ready to take questions by phone or email.  

The live chat feature with Premium offers extra convenience. So does talking to a tax pro, because you never know when you might need to ask an expert something. All these help options are designed to make your tax filing experience fast, and to ensure your return is completely accurate.  

TaxSlayer believes that online tax filing should be available to all taxpayers. That’s why when you purchase Premium, the filing fee covers your additional support options. There are no added fees or upcharges – just clear, honest pricing from the start. 

How can I get help with taxes? 

If you need help getting through the tax filing process and you’ve chosen TaxSlayer Premium, simply contact TaxSlayer’s priority support team by phone, email, or live chat. Some people prefer to call in and hear a person’s voice at the other end. Others find that live chat is convenient, and they can use it anywhere. Whatever you choose, you’ll move to the front of the line and minimize your wait time. 

The TaxSlayer knowledgebase also has thousands of answers to frequently asked questions. You can simply type keywords into the search bar and choose from the related results.  

Can I talk to a tax person if I’m filing online?  

Yes. If you want one-on-one assistance with your personal tax situation, file using TaxSlayer Premium. You’ll get to speak with a trained tax professional who can help you through your specific return.  

The service is called Ask a Tax Pro. It is included with the purchase of TaxSlayer’s Premium filing option. 

Can I ask tax questions by chat? 

Yes. You can live chat with a support rep if you are filing with TaxSlayer Premium. 

This article was last edited on September 22, 2021.

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