I don’t have all of my tax forms…what can I do!?!?!

Tax time is upon us. The IRS will begin accepting tax returns on January 17th and TaxSlayer.com is already processing thousands of tax returns every day. The question is, what should you do if you don’t have all of your tax forms?? If you are without some of your tax forms don’t fret, as a matter of fact most tax payers have yet to receive all of the forms required to file the tax return. Federal law allows employers, as well as other companies preparing tax documents (such as bank, educational institutions, day care etc.), until January 31st to provide these documents to you. With that being said you may want to get a jump on things so here are some suggestions to make sure you get these documents in your hands ASAP.

Ask your employer: While many companies don’t have to prepare the forms until the end of the month they may be able to generate them easily, especially smaller companies. Make sure you check with your boss and/or payroll department and they may be able to get it for you on the spot.
Check your address: If you have recently moved, the forms could be sent to the wrong address. A lot of the time you may forget to update your address with those that don’t send to you on a regular basis. If this is the case they may be able to resend the documents.
Check online: Many reporting agencies such as banks, mortgage lenders, and school may post the required forms online. In most cases these forms are available online long before you would receive them in the mail so make sure to check.
Contact the IRS: If all else fails you can contact the IRS in early February and they can help you track down the forms and information that you need. In most cases the information will be reported to them as well and they should be able to help. Just make sure that before you call you have all of your personal information ready to dish out.

Once you receive all of your paperwork you can submit your return with TaxSlayer.com. With that being said it is not too late to get started regardless of whether or not you have everything you need. You can still register today and get started. TaxSlayer has more tools than ever to help you get the maximum refund possible and our calculations are always guaranteed. So what are you waiting on?? Get started today!!!

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