Part 2: Get to know the history of TaxSlayer’s software development

Today, we continue our series on TaxSlayer’s company history so you, our customer, can get to know more about us and our evolution. This post shares the history of the company’s tax software development starting with TaxSlayer Pro and leading to the e-file program.

Need a reminder of how the company got started? Read Part 1 of the company history.

Now, take a look at how TaxSlayer blazed a trail in tax technology!

The company’s venture into software development began in 1989. A new tax software enabled Rhodes-Murphy offices (the income tax preparation business that predated TaxSlayer) to complete tax returns on the computer instead of by hand, a revolutionary step that improved efficiency. The software increased the number of returns completed and raised the market price for services. When the software development was completed in 1991, it was named TaxSlayer Pro after the original e-mail address of Jimmy Rhodes, the company’s president.

The company’s software expertise helped it expand beyond Rhodes-Murphy & Co. offices. In 1993, TaxSlayer Pro was marketed to professional tax preparers, accountants and CPAs across the United States. Five years later, the same technology was used to develop an individual online tax preparation software, Now a well-known tax preparation and financial software company, TaxSlayer Pro and prepare millions of federal and state tax returns annually.

TaxSlayer continues to create modern ways to offer financial services. The TaxSlayer Books division began offering bookkeeping services for TaxSlayer Pro users in 2005. Eight years later, TaxSlayer Books was marketed to small businesses to simplify online accounting and payroll. Rhodes-Murphy & Co. was sold the same year to existing employees enabling TaxSlayer to focus on tax software.

Check back next week for another post in our company history series. We will share with you background on TaxSlayer’s sports partnerships and charitable work.


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