How Do You Slay?

Leading online tax preparation company TaxSlayer partnered with Spoken Cinema™ and spoken word artist, Steve Connell to create “Save. Play. Save.”, a video about slaying taxes with the highest rated tax software. The focus of the video is on how people will spend their refunds this year, making sure that whether they use the money on debt or a vacation, they take a moment to be proud of slaying their taxes with TaxSlayer. 

Save. Play. Slay.

It’s your money

You made it


Earned it paid it

Patiently waited

it’s tax time now / time to taxslay it

Like our app is an axe

It’s simple the fact is

You worked hard the whole year

Now please just lay back as

We work hard

To make sure the check you get back is

A big one in fact if it’s possible massive


You deserve it-

And the big refund is everyone’s favorite

Maybe this year, you’ll use it to play with


Ya know find some new car to buy

Some cool place to fly

some place fly to stay at

Some poolside to lay at

In other words,

when your stress tries to slay you

will you slay back?

or will you take the refund and save that?


Or maybe you’ve got loans out, that you want to pay back

Or perhaps check what level your 401ks at-

raise that

and when debt tries to slay you

you slay back

but either way you play that

whether you play with or save that

make sure that you lay back

for a moment and grin

you made it

you slayed it

you win.


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Equal parts actor, comic, poet, and motivator Steve Connell has become, over the last few years, a transformative and sought-after entertainer with private performances for President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Norman Lear, and many others. Corporate giants like Sony/Universal, Pioneer, Farmers and Gap Inc. are among the many organizations amazed by Steve’s ability to be highly entertaining while explaining key messages and complex thoughts.

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