Treat Yourself to Savings: 5 Halloween Costumes under $20

Treat yourself to an awesome Halloween costume without tricking your bank account. DIY costumes can save you money while giving you the freedom to be the ghastly ghoul or wacky witch your heart desires.

1.   Cousin It

The signature cousin it look can be easily achieved without spending money on a long luscious wig. Simply purchase hula skirts from the nearest dollar store and layer them on your body to give the illusion of hair. You can adjust the fullness of your mane by layering multiple skirts. Typically 5 skirts or less should turn you into Cousin It depending on your height. Do not forget the signature black shades and top hat. These items can be found at any local party supply store for under $5.00 each.

Total Amount for Cousin It costume: Approximately $15.00

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2.   #Selfie

The point of your costume is to get epic pictures for Instagram right? If so, get Instagram ready with this epic selfie costume. Simply take a screen shot as you are posting any picture to Instagram and print it. Next, take your photo to your nearest print shop and have it enlarged. Lastly, cut out the middle of your large photo and now you have your epic selfie costume. Printing costs in your area may vary.

Total Cost for #Selfie Costume: Approximately $8

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3.   Stick Figure

Some of you may not be very DIY savvy, but that’s okay. This stick figure costume is super easy to make. All you need is black electrical tape, a paper plate, and a little string. Simply pull an outfit out of your closet this is all white. If you do not have all white, any solid color will work. Simply take the black electrical tape and outline your body. Next, get it a solid colored paper plate, one that matches your outfit, and draw a smiley face on it. Be sure to outline your face as seen in the picture below. Cut out holes for your eyes. Use a little string to secure the plate to your face and your stick figure costume is complete. All materials for this costume can be found at your local dollar store for $1.00 each.

Total Amount for Stick Figure Costume: Approximately $3.00

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4.   Wacky Witch

Usually when you purchase a witch costume, you get a hat, and skirt. However, you can make the skirt yourself and simply purchase a hat at your local party store for $5.00 or less. To make your wacky witch skirt all you need is ribbon and tulle in colors or patterns of your choice. Your local craft store will have tulle that is $2.00 or under per yard. A very full skirt will require approximately 5 yards of tulle. You may adjust the amount of tulle needed for your height and width. Ribbon varies in price but typically 1 yard will be enough and may cost about $3.00.First, measure enough ribbon to fully wrap around your waist and tie in order to secure your wacky witch skirt. Secondly, cut your tulle into long strips. Lastly, tie the cut strips onto the ribbon. Finally, you have your wacky witch skirt. Adding a black shirt and stripped socks will complete your total wacky witch look.

Total Amount for Wacky Witch Costume: Approximately $18

Wacky Witch Halloween Costume       



5.   Ghastly Ghoul

Don’t worry, becoming a 25-eyed-orange ghoul is very easy. This costume is awesome for all ages. All you need is an orange shirt, black permanent marker, and silly eyes. Simply glue at least 25 silly eyes to an orange shirt, and then draw a face around your eyes. There you have it, a ghastly ghoul costume. Silly eyes and the orange shirt can be found at your local craft store for $10 or less.

Total Amount for Ghastly Ghoul: Approximately $10

Ghastly Ghoul Costume 










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