When Will I Receive My Refund?

Without fail it seems that the most common question we get from our customer is “When will I get my refund?” While we estimate that most tax refunds are received by our customers 8-10 days from the date of an accepted e-file, some customers can receive refunds in as little as five days. With that being said, once the return has been filed and accepted the refund process is 100% in the hands of the IRS. Multiple delays in IRS processing have resulted in many tax payer refunds being delayed. This issue has affected taxpayers across the United States and is widespread across online tax prep services and tax preparers. The IRS has not cited an exact reason for these delays although many analysts cite difficulties implementing the new (and supposedly faster) modernized e-file system. We have heard a laundry list of accounts from our customers. Fear not, even my refund was delayed. That’s right, yours truly, a tax preparer of almost 10 years and an employee of TaxSlayer.com, and my refund is out in space somewhere. Below is a screenshot of the information provided to me by the IRS.

Keep in mind I filed my tax return on January 21st and this is all of the information that I am being provided. The main thing to keep in mind is that you must be patient. The IRS is going to process all of the refunds in due time and at this point all we can do is wait. The IRS “Where’s My Refund” site can provide the most up to date information. You can get to it here. They also have more detailed answers to questions and scenarios here. Make sure to keep checking and if there is anything else that TaxSlayer.com support can help you with make sure you contact them and they will do everything they can.

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