Winter is Coming: Staying Warm on a Budget

This article was last edited on Jan. 27, 2016. For updated information on energy efficiency, visit this post.

So, winter officially begins on December 21, but it’s gotten a pretty decent head start. As of late, it’s been freezing cold everywhere, literally. Finding warmth on a chilly day brings relief but often does not come cheap. Get your warm on with these budget-friendly winter heating tips.

1. I Need My Space (Heater)

If you haven’t invested in a space heater yet, now is the time. I spent $35 on mine and it has already paid for itself in one month. Don’t heat the unused parts of your home if it isn’t necessary. In the name of safety, make sure to do your research. Get one that is UL certified and has an automatic shut-off feature.

2. Cold Bed Be Gone

Heat on or heat off, beds are never warmed up when you climb in. This could be one trigger to crank the heat up right before you fall asleep. Wait right there! Do you have a heated mattress pad yet? That’s what I thought. A heated mattress pad, electric blanket or a good old-fashioned heating pad are going to get you far this winter.

3. Rough Drafts

This should probably come first on the list. Check your home’s insulation before investing in any heating solutions. If you can tell what the temperature is outside by feeling the draft under the door, it’s time to make a change. By finding where the cold air is getting in, you can seal off the problem. There are tons of products out there suitable for every drafty situation. Get to sealin’!

4. Break a Sweat

If you’re anything like me, this option will be your least favorite on the list. Getting going in the cold is not most people’s idea of fun BUT it will get you warmed up. By getting your blood flow going, you’re killing two birds with one stone: staying warm and staying in shape. It never hurts to get a head start on New Year’s resolutions!

5. Testing 1, 2, 3

Pinterest is brimming with fall and winter inspired dishes and ciders. Now is your chance to test them out. By cooking in your oven you can get your foodie fix and radiate heat throughout your home. By keeping warm liquids coursing through your body, you’re going to stay…you guessed it…warm! Here’s your excuse to throw a dinner party and switch up your holiday cocktail from a pumpkin spice latte to a cranberry apple cider.

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