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Category: Indiana

Lake County Credit

Lake County (Indiana) Residential Income Tax Credit

You may be eligible to claim a Lake County (Indiana) residential income tax credit if you meet all three of the following requirements.

1. You paid property tax to Lake County (Indiana) during 2016 on your residence. Your “residence” is your principal dwelling. You must either own or be buying the residence under contract, and must pay property tax to Lake County (Indiana) on that residence.

2. Your Indiana Adjusted Gross Income(AGI) is less than $18,600. You must complete the Indiana AGI Worksheet below to figure your Indiana AGI. 

3. You are not claiming the homeowner’s residential property tax deduction on Indiana Schedule 2, line 2.


IMPORTANT: Remember, you can claim either this credit OR the homeowner's residential property tax deduction but not both.


For instructions on how to calculate your credit, please refer to Page 36 on Indiana IT-40 Booklet.