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Category: Printing and Saving Returns

How do I print my current year federal and/or state return?

Printing Before Filing: If you would like to print your return(s) before they are electronically filed:  

* Log into your account

* Select "Summary/Print"

* Click "View/Print Return"

* Click "Print Your 2018 Tax Return" icon to view, print or save a PDF copy of your return


This application creates the Federal and any State return(s) within one document. If you have not paid any preparation fees, you will be asked to do so prior to viewing or printing the return(s).


Printing After Filing, But Return Not Accepted Yet: If you have e-filed your return and it has not yet been accepted, you can print the full copy of your return as it is prepared in your account:

* Log into your account  

* Select "Summary/Print"

* Click "View/Print Return"

This will pull up the full version of all the forms the program has created for your account.


Printing An Accepted Return: To print your return(s) after they have been accepted

* Log into your account

* Click on the “Print Federal Return" or "Print your State Return” directly on the “My Account” page.


The PDF of each accepted return will populate in a new window if you choose. The PDF(s) can be viewed, printed, and/or saved to your computer.


Printing a Prior Year accepted return: To print the prior year accepted return:

* Log int the account

* Click “Prior Years”

* Select the return you wish to access

* Click “Summary/Print”

* Click “View/Print Return” 


Printing when using Bank Refund Transfer Option: If you used the Bank RT/File & Go (Refund Transfer) option to pay your filing fees and your return has not yet been accepted, you will not be able to print the return, free of charge, until after it has been accepted. The turnaround time for Federal acknowledgements is usually within 24 hours but can take up to 48. If you filed your state return with your Federal return, the State acknowledgement can take an additional 24-72 hours.


You must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 or newer to be able to view and print the return. If you do not have the correct version of Adobe Reader, you may download it (free of charge) by clicking on the following link: Download/Update Adobe Reader.


Troubleshooting: If you are having difficulties getting your return to print, click here.