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Category: Refunds

When will I get my refund?

The IRS provides a link on their homepage for each individual to check their refund status and the approximate date it will be sent to the bank (direct deposit) or mailed. You may check your refund status with the IRS at Where's My Refund?. You will need to have the primary social security number listed on the return, the filing status used (Single, Head of Household, etc), and the expected refund amount.


For video assistance with tracking your Federal refund, please click here.


Please Note: The date that the funds are available in your account may vary slightly from bank to bank.


For information about your state refund, you would need to contact your state. Because states vary in the amount of time it takes for them to process a return and issue a refund, there is no general timeline for the state refund process.


Click here for links and state contact information for determining the status of your refund.


**Please note: TaxSlayer does not at any point handle money involved in refunds. Checks and direct deposits are sent from the IRS or state agency directly to the taxpayer. At no point does TaxSlayer receive refunds or participate in the refund process.