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Category: Saving to Desktop

How Do I Save a Copy of My Accepted Return to My Computer?

You can save a copy of the accepted return to your computer or thumb drive. When the federal/state return has been accepted you will be notified. Once you receive that notification you can log back in to the account and either print a copy of the accepted return or simply save it.

To save the return(s) after they have been accepted, please log back into your account and select "Click Here for Detailed View" next to the current Tax Year. The next page will contain your Status Details of your return(s). You will select the "Print/View Return" icon to see a list of the available accepted PDF(s) in your account. Please "Continue" through this page to produce the available PDF(s). If you have more than one PDF available, you can switch the "VIEW" by selecting the desired federal or state PDF in the upper left corner (using the arrow in the drop down box) and select "VIEW". The PDF(s) can be saved to your computer from here. Open the PDF in a new window and then go through the "File / Save As" steps.