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Category: Federal Military Filing Info

Tax Benefits for Military Members Serving in a Combat Zone

If you served in a combat zone during the current tax year, you face special tax situations and are entitled to some special tax benefits. You can mark your return as having served in a Combat Zone by going to the Additional Personal Information page of your TaxSlayer account. You will check the box that states, " asked to enter your dates of service in the Combat Zone. If you served more than one period of time in a combat zone, enter the latest, or most current dates. The IRS receives the information from the Department of Defense, but this designation aids in the processing of your refund. The actual combat zone and date do not affect the calculation of your return, only the amount of the combat pay reported on Form W-2 in box 12 with Code Q.


Also, military members serving in a Combat Zone receive special "Extension of Deadlines" for filing their tax return(s) as well as paying taxes that may be owed.


For specifics pertaining to what is allowed by the IRS, please refer to Extension of Deadlines - Combat Zone Service.