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Category: How do I know my return was successfully E-filed?

Why did I not receive an e-mail acknowledgement or confirmation?

There may have been a problem with your mailbox or your mail server when we sent the e-mail confirmation. We get many e-mails back due to customer mailboxes being full or e-mail server problems. Spam blockers also prevent email acknowledgements from being delivered. Please check your junk or spam folders for our automated emails and then mark us as a safe sender.


To check the status of your return on the website, go to TaxSlayer and Log into your account. The status of your return will be shown on the Your Account page. Next to each return submitted (Federal and applicable states) you will see three stages: 1) Created, 2) E-filed, and 3) Status, Rejected, or Accepted.


If your return was rejected, you may click on "Show Details" for more information concerning your submission and what errors need to be corrected. You will then need to correct any errors and resubmit just that return for electronic filing again at no additional cost.