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Category: Louisiana

Louisiana Additions to Income

There are two entry lines for you to add Additions to Income for the state return. This information is reported on the LA Schedule E- Adjustments to Income.


Interest/Dividend Income from Other States – Reported on Line 2 of Schedule E

Tax-exempt interest and dividend income reported on your federal return are taxable to Louisiana if ALL of the following conditions are met:

* You are filing as a resident of Louisiana.

* The interest of dividend income is received from obligations of a state or political subdivision of a state other than Louisiana. Obligations of the State of Louisiana, its political subdivisions, or public corporations created by them and their constituted authorities are exempt from Louisiana taxes.

* The obligations were purchase on or after January 1, 1980.


Recapture of START Contributions- Reported on Line 2A of Schedule E

Include previously exempted Louisiana Student Tuition Assistance and Revenue Trust (START) contributions that were refunded to you during the tax year by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Aid.