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Category: General Questions

What security does TaxSlayer provide?

We take every step available to ensure the security of your transactions and information provided within your account(s). All forms accepting user information are processed on our secure servers. Once you have completed the return, you are asked to transmit the return to the secure TaxSlayer website.


The tax return file is encrypted to avoid any unwanted detection. Immediately after the files are transmitted to the website, they are moved to a different location providing less likelihood of unwanted intervention. They are again moved a third time to begin processing. All acknowledgements are handled by e-mail with only general information given. Acknowledgements can also be retrieved via our website, again with only general information provided. (Example: IRS accepted or rejected, acceptance date, etc.) Confidential information such as refund amounts, names, addresses, account numbers are not displayed or e-mailed.


For the TaxSlayer Privacy Policy, please click here.


For the TaxSlayer Security Policy, please click here.


TaxSlayer also has the trusted seals from TRUSTe, Geotrust Secured, and Trustwave as displayed on our homepage.