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Category: Vermont

Vermont Additions to Income

Interest and Dividends from Federal Tax-Exempt Bonds

Enter the total interest and dividend income received from all state and local obligations exempted from Federal tax.


Income from Vermont State Bonds and Obligations

Enter the interest and dividend income from VT obligations. This may have been paid directly to you or through a mutual fund or other legal entity that invests in VT states and local obligations. If you receive this income from a mutual fund that has only a portion of its assets invested in VT state and local obligations, enter only the amount for the VT obligation(s).

Schedule IN-112


Federal Bonus Depreciation

Vermont does not recognize the bonus depreciation for Vermont income tax purposes. The depreciation must be recalculated without the bonus depreciation using standard MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) method. Enter the difference between the depreciation calculated by standard MACRS methods and the depreciation calculated using the Federal bonus depreciation for assets placed in service in 2013.


State and Local Income Tax Add Back: Form IN-154

While you are allowed a deduction on your federal income tax returns for state and local taxes paid, Vermont does not allow this deduction. If you took this deduction at the federal level, you must add the amount back into your Vermont income.

Schedule IN-154