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Category: State Tax Questions

How do I pay the amount I owe?

TaxSlayer offers a variety of options to make payments to the IRS and state(s) when a balance is due.


When your accepted return(s) shows a balance due, TaxSlayer provides a payment voucher as part of the accepted PDF of the Federal and/or state return. The payment voucher should be included with the check for the amount owed when mailing in your payment. Generally, the mailing address will be listed on the voucher. If a mailing address is unavailable, please contact TaxSlayer Customer Support at for assistance or you can click the "Contact Us" tab located on the right side of your page.


You can print out the payment voucher from within the account. Log in to your account and click the printer icon on the Your Account page next to the "Accepted" status of the Federal and/or state return. From this screen, you will be able to view, print, or save a copy of the PDF. The payment vouchers are generally found near the end of each return. You are not required to include your entire return when mailing in your payment as your return(s) was previously accepted via e-file.


Alternative Payment Methods


 Electronic Withdrawal - When filing your current year tax return(s) with an amount due to the IRS and/or state(s), TaxSlayer offers the option to have your amount(s) due electronically withdrawn from your checking/savings account. During the e-file process, you will be given the option to have your payment electronically withdrawn. We will then ask that you provide the applicable banking information such as the routing and account number you wish to use. This information will be transmitted to the IRS and/or state along with the date you requested to have your payment withdrawn. Note: If you choose to have your payment electronically withdrawn, DO NOT mail in your check with the payment voucher. The IRS and/or state(s) will electronically withdraw your amount due along with cashing the written check.


Note: Some states do not allow a future payment date to be requested which means that your payment will be deducted from your designated account by the state on the day of acceptance. Depending on your financial institution, the withdrawal may take a few days to reflect in your account.


Federal Payments - It is possible to pay your Federal tax due by credit card by contacting one of several IRS authorized third party companies. The IRS has several trusted companies that they have approved to process tax payments for them. Each company has their own percentage rate for figuring a convenience fee for processing your tax payment. For a list of third party payment companies and their convenience fee rates please click here.


State Payments - Some states allow taxpayers to pay amounts owed online directly from their state website via debit/credit card or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). To see a list of available states, please refer to the table below.


NOTE: You can not make direct payments to the IRS and/or state agency through your TaxSlayer account nor are you able to make your Federal and/or state payments using the refund that may be due to you from another return.


For Example: If you owe the IRS $100 but expect to receive a $200 refund from your state return, the state agency will not use $100 of your state refund to cover your Federal tax liability and vice versa.


The IRS and each State Department are separate entities. Any payments owed to either is strictly between the Taxpayer and that particular taxing authority.


Note: Your state may charge a convenience fee to make a payment online.



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