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Category: Alabama

Alabama Itemized Deductions

Itemized Deductions are automatically carried over from your Federal return to your Alabama return with the following exceptions:


* Federal Self-Employment Taxes - You can deduct the Federal self-employment tax you paid during the year 2016 for the tax year 2015 and/or prior years.


* Railroad Retirement Tax - You can deduct the railroad retirement tax you paid in 2016.  Only your contribution to Tier One railroad retirement is deductible as an Itemized Deduction.


* Qualified Mortgage Insurance Payments - Premiums paid pursuant to a mortgage holder to pay for mortgage insurance as a condition of your home loan to protect the mortgage lender in case of default on home loan.


* Qualified Long-term Care Coverage - Premiums paid pursuant to a qualifying insurance contract for qualified long-term care coverage paid by the taxpayer may be deducted within your Alabama tax return.  Qualified long-term care services include care for necessary diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative services and maintenance or personal care services which are required by a chronically ill individual in a qualified facility or services which are provided pursuant to a place of care prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner.


Adjustments to your Alabama Itemized Deductions can be entered within your TaxSlayer Alabama state return.  To locate this area, log into your TaxSlayer account and select "State Section">> "Edit">>>"Enter Myself">>>"Itemized Deductions".