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Category: General Questions

Acronyms Commonly Used for Tax Purposes

Tax terms and acronyms can sometimes be confusing. Here is a simplified list of many terms you may have heard and wondered about.

AGI - Adjusted Gross Income

ATIN - Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number

DCN - Declaration Control Number – a number assigned to an electronic filing of a return (replaced by the Submission ID number for most returns as of Tax Year 2011).

EFIN - Electronic Filing Identification Number

ETIN - Electronic Transmitter Identification Number

EIC - Earned Income Credit

EIN - Employer’s Identification Number

ERO - Electronic Return Originator

FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FIT - Federal Income Tax Withholding

ITIN - Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (used for alien status)

IRA - Individual Retirement Account

IRS - Internal Revenue Service

LES - Leave and Earning Statement (Military Pay Stub)

MACRS - Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (for depreciating items)

MAGI - Modified Adjusted Gross Income

MEF - Modernized e-Filing

MFJ - Married Filing Joint

MSA - Medical Savings Account

PDF - Portable Document File

PIN - Personal Identification Number

SEP - Simplified Employee Pension

SIMPLE - Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees

SSN - Social Security Number

VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance