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Category: Printing from within your account

I am having problems printing my return.

*If you see a "blank page" open while trying to print a copy of your return, you may be using an older version of your preferred web browser (Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 39, Firefox 33, etc.). To update your web browser to its most current version, please follow one of the links provided below to your web browser of choice:


Internet Explorer




** You must also have Adobe Reader (9.0 or higher) to be able to view and print the return. If you do not have the correct version of Adobe Reader, you may download it free of charge by going to the Adobe website.


To print your current return(s) after they have been accepted, please log into your TaxSlayer account and click on the printer icon located just to the right of the "Accepted" status next to your Federal and/or State return. This will open the PDF for you. The PDF may be printed using the print icon (or Ctrl-P on your keyboard) and/or saved using the disk icon (or Ctrl-Shift-S on your keyboard).


Returns prior to 2016 are now considered Prior Year Returns. The prior year returns are only accessible if you used our program to submit the return and it was accepted. From your main account page select the "Prior Years" tab and either "Access Return" or "View Details" next to the tax year. From this link you will be able to see the status of your returns. To print a copy of the accepted returns, you will select "View/Print Returns" . You will be able to save, view and print your prior year return. If you did not successfully e-file your return or your return was not accepted that year, the pdf will not be available for printing unless the program is available for access. Currently, we only offer the 2013, 2014, and 2015 prior year TaxSlayer programs that would allow you to print the return from within the program. For tax returns prior to 2013 that were not e-filed and accepted through TaxSlayer, you will need to contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for a copy of the return.


If you are having difficulty printing a Prior Year Return that is unavailable through our system or did not file your previous year taxes through TaxSlayer, you can receive a transcript free of charge directly from the IRS. This is service only available for previous year returns. Please click here for more information.


Trouble Shooting:

If you do not see a print or save button on your screen, you may have a older version of Adobe Reader. The save and print buttons are shown when you hover over the bottom of the document space.

If you experience trouble trying to print or only see a blank white page, you may need to add our website as a "Trusted Site". To do that, go into Internet Explorer and click "Tools" and then "Internet Options" from the drop-down list. On the next page select the "Security" tab. Highlight "Trusted Sites" in the window and click the "Sites" button. You can then add our website to the trusted site list. Also, you may need to refresh the page by right-clicking on your mouse and choosing "Refresh", or pressing the F5 on your keyboard.

In some cases you may need to disable any anti-virus protection software and then attempt to print. If you continue to have trouble printing your return, you may want to try printing from another computer.

If you have pop-up blocker/anti-virus software installed you will need to temporarily disable it as your return file may not display properly if enabled.

You must also have Adobe Reader (9.0 or higher) to be able to view and print the return. If you do not have the correct/current version of Adobe Reader, you may download it free of charge by going to the Adobe website from the link listed above.

*Please verify that Adobe Reader can be displayed through your preferred Web Internet Browser. To verify, choose "Edit" then "Preferences" inside your Adobe Reader. Next, under categories, select "Internet" and be sure that the box marked "Display PDF in browser" is checked.


MAC Users:

When you open the document make sure you change the ".aspx" to ".pdf" to print the return.