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Category: W2's

W-2 - Box 14 - The code that is on my W-2 is not listed in the menu.

In many cases, the information that your employer lists in Box 14 of your W-2 does not affect your income tax return. In fact, for many Box 14 entries, the IRS does not even provide a place for it to get reported on your return forms. They are reported to you in Box 14 simply for informational purposes.


When entering your W-2 information, TaxSlayer provides a list of items to choose from when entering the information you get in Box 14. The items in the list are ones that will get reported and can affect your return.


Please Note: Because there is no standard list of codes, your employer can list any description it chooses for the items in Box 14. Even though the description in Box 14 of your W-2 may not match a selection from the drop-down menu in your TaxSlayer account exactly, the codes may represent the same thing. TaxSlayer has done the best it can to provide the most commonly used codes and descriptions for each item in Box 14. However, what is printed in Box 14 of your W-2 may not match TaxSlayer's description on the list. If you are unsure if the code your employer listed is the same as what is on the list in your TaxSlayer account, please contact your employer to clarify exactly what the entry on your W-2 represents before making a selection.


* If the item that is on your W-2 IS included in the list, be sure to make your selection accurately and enter the amount in the corresponding field.


* If the entry that is printed on your W-2 IS NOT included in the list, you just need to choose "Other (Not Listed Here)" for the Code for your Box 14 entry. If the item is not specifically included in the list on the drop-down menu for Box 14, the IRS has not provided a place or specific instructions for reporting it.