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Category: Most Common IRS Federal Reject Codes

Reject Code 0370 - Child Tax Credit LEGACY

This reject code indicates that the child for which you are claiming the child tax credit is ineligible.
One reason for this could be age, the child must be under the age of 17 (age 16) as of 12/31 of the filing year.

You may still claim this child as a dependent and even for earned income credit, even if he/she does not qualify for the child tax credit.

Another reason that you may receive this reject code is that the Date of Birth for the dependent has been entered incorrectly or the IRS does not have the correct Date of Birth on file. Please verify the Date of Birth that you entered and contact your local Social Security office if the IRS does not have the correct Date of Birth. The IRS uses the Social Security information to verify SSNs with corresponding names and Date of Birth.

If you received this reject code in addition to the reject codes 501 and 504, simply correcting those issues and Code 370 will automatically be corrected.