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Category: West Virginia

Senior Citizen Tax Credit

Low-income taxpayers who are eligible for the Homestead Property Tax Exemption may be eligible for the Senior Citizens Tax Credit.  You must file a return to receive this refundable credit.  Credit eligibility is restricted to taxpayers who participate in the Homestead Exemption program, who incur and pay property taxes and whose federal adjusted gross income is less than 150% of federal poverty guidelines.

The maximum federal adjusted gross income level is $16,755 for a single person household plus an additional $5,940 for each additional person in the household (e.g., $22,695 for a two-person household).

Business Investment and Jobs Expansion Credit

Note: This form (BCS-PIT) is not supported by the TaxSlayer program and must be attained from the West Virginia Department of Revenue website.

Schedule BCS-PIT and your return must be filed by the due date of the annual return without regard to extension of time for filing and payment of tax due.