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Category: How do I know my return was successfully E-filed?

Did I also Submit My State Return?

You can verify that your State Return has been submitted by going to and logging into your TaxSlayer account. On the Your Account page, you will see a tab that says "Return Status". Here you will see a listing of your federal and state returns. Beside your state return listing(s) you will see three status: 1) Created, 2) E-filed, and 3) Status, Rejected or Accepted. If your state return is showing as E-filed it was submitted and we are waiting for a notification of acceptance or rejection.

Once your Federal Return has been accepted by the IRS, the IRS will transmit your State Return to the state for processing. Your State Status will be displayed once we receive an acknowledgement(s) from the state (generally within 5 days from the time the federal return has been accepted.)