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Category: Product Features

How to use the Knowledgebase

Our Knowledgebase allows you to quickly and easily find answers to your tax preparation questions. You can choose from a variety of ways to find your answers:


Help Categories - Click on this link to see the entire library of articles we offer. When you click on a link to any of the category topics (ex. Getting Started, Military Questions, or Tax Questions) a drop down menu of topics within that category will appear. From here you can click on sub-categories to further view articles that deal directly with your area of inquiry.


Search - This option allows you to type in a question or keyword to bring up a list of relevant articles to find what you are looking for. The articles will then be listed below the Search box. Simply click on the article you would like to view.


Glossary - This is an alphabetical listing of words commonly used, tax terms, and definitions.


Most Viewed - This is what is currently trending with our customers.  Look here to see what articles have the most hits.


Current Topics - Though these articles may not have had the most "views" yet, they are the current topics you may not have heard about.  We will update these throughout the year based on level of importance and "newsworthiness".