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Category: State Tax Questions

What state(s) do not allow state-only e-filing?

The following states no longer allow State-Only filing:  Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Oregon. If you wish to electronically file any of the aforementioned state returns, you must also include your Federal return at the same time.


If your Federal return is accepted by the IRS but your state return is rejected by the state department of revenue or taxation, you will be required to print and mail your state return. You will be unable to resubmit your state only return after a rejection by electronic file because it would then be classified as "State-Only" submission.


If you are required to paper file your state return, you may print the return directly from your TaxSlayer account. To print your state return from within your current year TaxSlayer account, please log into your account and select “Summary/Print” from the black menu bar on the left hand side of the screen. Then select "View/Print Return"  on the right hand side of the "Calculation Summary" page and then "Print your 2015 Tax Return".   You can view, print or save a PDF copy of your return from this page, it creates the Federal and State return(s) in one document.


Note: Some states do not allow e-filing of Part-Year or Non-Resident returns. To check each state individually you can view a list from our TaxSlayer home page. To check your state return information, please visit our Supported State(s) Link by clicking here.